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Monday, August 22, 2016

Kayti's Kitchen: Overfished

In the last two weeks, our long-suffering Kayti has:

  • Killed her laptop by spilling iced tea on it (seriously, not wine...she insists)
  • Driven from KC to Denver with both of her kids in tow
  • Packed everything she owned and loaded it up into a trailer (basically by herself)
  • Abandoned her friend Rae Lynn, who just moved to Denver from New Orleans (sorry--I win!) 
  • Killed a second laptop with just general stressed out vibes
  • Driven from Denver to KC...again with the kids, again without selling either of them to the circus 
  • Finished writing her newest book, Long Shot (I copy edited it last night and it made me laugh--if you know how not-prone to laughing I am, this is a big deal)
  • Concocted this delicious recipe for us! <--this is the important one for today.

I'm pretty sure my manager is going to make this recipe for herself this week--I'll post in Sky Launch if she does!

Since we don't have a signed paperback this week, I'm giving away ten Kindle copies of Rae Lynn's latest book. Check out the contest below.

This week: Overexposed by Rae Lynn Blaise


By Kayti McGee

There’s something about being on a tropical island that makes everything seem like a dream, isn't there? The warm ocean waves, the cool salty breezes, the tropical drinks, the insanely fresh seafood and the dirty-talking photographer.

So if, say, you became embroiled in a bit of an affair, it might be easy to pretend it never really happened. Except that certain flavors will always remind you of that time, and maybe make you a little crazy with desire. Make this piña colada-inspired fish and always remember what happens afterward–unless, of course, your fiancé is around.

8 oz mahi-mahi or tilapia
8 oz can pineapple
¾ c coconut milk
1 lime, juiced
1 jalapeño, stemmed, seeded and minced
1 Tb minced red onion
1 Tb shredded unsweetened coconut
1 c rice

Drain the pineapple juice into a small pot. Add the coconut milk and half the lime juice. Yes that's right, you put the lime in the coconut. Then heat it up like it's your pants when Devon Goode has you in his sights.

Once it reaches a nice simmer, slide the fish in and poach for 6 minutes. Slide the fish back out and add the rice, cooking according to the package directions.

While the rice cooks: mix the pineapple, jalapeño, onion, and coconut together. Add a sprinkle of salt and the remaining lime juice. Serve the rice topped with fish and the salsa and enjoy with a Mai Tai (or "Philistine," as our heroine Anna/Sierra calls them) and a side of scandal. Serves two illicit lovers.

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