Laurelin Paige: Fixed on You: Collector's Edition Anniversary Paperback

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fixed on You: Collector's Edition Anniversary Paperback

*****Pre-orders for this limited edition are now closed*****
Update 8/5/16
The deadline for ordering the limited edition cover has now passed, and I've ordered the limited print run through my publisher. I'm so thrilled about what an amazing response you guys gave this edition! As soon as I receive the books, I will begin signing and packing them up to get them in your hot little hands. This should be in the next 3-4 weeks--by the end of August.



Today marks a very special day for me: the three year anniversary of publishing Fixed on You. As my very first foray into the romance world, I had no idea what would happen after I hit the publish button. It's been a wild ride!

To celebrate the anniversary, I'm releasing a limited print run of the original, "sexy" cover! (As opposed to the "bookstore friendly" cover.) This version is the full-length novel and includes the first three chapters of CHANDLER.

This is a limited edition item that I'm creating based on pre-order demand. You must pre-order to guarantee your copy. (How much do I feel like an infomercial right now? HA!)
I'm taking orders through July 31st, and will ship the books in August after I receive them.


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  2. Can't wait to get my hands on this thank you Laurelin for doing this!

  3. I love this and hope that books 2&3 have a re-release, too! How awesome would that be?!

  4. Love love love it!! Please say you'll do books 2 and 3? <3

  5. Oh, I soooo fill in love with this series!!!!! Every girl needs a little of an Hudson Pierce in her life:)

  6. Love this series and these covers!!