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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kayti's Kitchen: Boss Man

Welcome back to Kayti's Kitchen!
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This week: Bossman by Vi Keeland

Bossman Chocolates

By Kayti McGee

Real talk: crushing on your boss is one of the all-time hottest things you can do, but it’s also one of the most tense things. Who makes a move? Will all your co-workers hate you? What happens if things go south? If your smokin’ hot boss who also happens to be a chemistry whiz that developed a pain-free bikini wax happens to be crushing back, well. It’s probably time for a peppermint schnapps. And since it’s frowned upon to drink at work, even when you are secretly dating Mr. Parker, these chocolates may be just the thing to get you through a long day of marketing. Bonus: they even have caffeine.

1 pkg chocolate chips (I like semi-sweet, but milk or dark is fine)
1 tsp finely ground coffee
1 TB peppermint schnapps

In a glass bowl, pour your chocolate chips and microwave for 10 seconds at a time, stirring between each zap. It may keep you too busy stirring to brood properly. At the very least, Ugly Kitty should be entertained by the number of times the door opens and closes.

After about 1:30-2 minutes, the chocolate should stir into a smooth, frosting-like consistency. Gently stir in the coffee and the schnapps- your chocolate may begin to seize slightly, but it’s fine. Use a spatula to smooth it all onto a piece of aluminum foil and then press the sprinkles on top. Chill until hard, and then break into pieces. Hide them in your purse.

Try to stay cool around your cousin.

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  1. Cool chocolate treats they look yummy!

  2. Sounds good going to make this!!

  3. Love chocolate!

  4. I Lost the facebook post that sent me here so I can comment on it can someone share the link with me please

  5. Looks good! Love Bossman!

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